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Alpito Business Park is located in Pukekohe, 40 minutes South of Auckland City. Pukekohe is one of the fastest growing areas in New Zealand. The Site Area is 5000m2 and the Total Building Area 2300m2 with 65 Carparks. The Business Park Multi-Unit Development comprises 12 Sectional Title Units. The Typical Unit area is 170m2, which consists of 116m2 Warehouse and Retail component and 54m2 Mezzanine Office or Apartment Space above with Toilet and Galley Kitchen. Each unit has 5 designated Carparking spaces and a 4m high Auto Roller Door access to the Warehouse. There are 3 larger Units that range between 212m2 to 330m2. These larger Units have an additional Showroom component for Shopfront display space. The design allows for Truck Bays and manoeuvring space for a B-Train Truck. New Owners include a Television Recording Studio, Building Subcontractors and Best Buys Furniture. The Client, David Peck, Managing Director of Alpito Developments, is a passionate, progressive and dynamic Developer. Alpito Developments and Design Engine Architects plan to design and construct 5 more similar Business Parks over the next 5 years.


Design Engine Architects have created a unique, upmarket aesthetic by the use of strong horizontal lines in the overhanging roof eaves and expressed tilt slab concrete blade walls defining each Unit. The extended eave performs a dual function of weathertightness and horizontality that modulates the building to create an elegant simplicity. The Precast Concrete blade walls create a rhythm of vertical emphasis, they are left natural finish with a clear waterproof sealer coat. The heavy black steel beams are structural bracing elements as well as a backdrop for signage, accentuating the Entry to each Unit. The Upper Floor Offices are differentiated from the Warehouse component by a wall cladding of alternate bands of dark metallic grey and horizontal anodised aluminium recessed flashings. The minimalist Interior reflects an honesty of material and structure and creates a semi-industrial look, raw and unadorned, a blank canvass for the Occupier to make their mark on with specific Fitout. The Expressed Steel Sections painted Black over Unit Entries and Signage recall the Pukekohe Railway heritage, reminiscent of Steel Railway Tracks and Timber Sleepers. Glass Showrooms either side of the main entry provide an aesthetically pleasing Entry to the design. Mature Native landscaping of flaxes and cabbage trees, Reflective Waterponds and a North Facing Lunch Area have been integrated into the design to give a humane, comfortable and established feel to the development.


The project was completion in May 2009.


We set up Alpito Developments Limited for David Peck, and then put him in touch with Mark Wassung at Design Engine Architects Limited, another of our clients, they gelled and the match was made. - Rico Horsley Metro Law