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Eco Tower


A proposed new World Class Eco Tower Mixed Use Building with 5 Star Hotel and A-Grade Commercial Office space. Design Engine Architects are suggesting it could be called the "Tron Tower or "Bridge City". The Tower aims to set a new benchmark for Green Star Rated Buildings. This Development aims to be an Award Winning Environmental Sustainable Design "Green Building" with a zero carbon footprint. The Development consists of a double volume covered Public Podium with Boutique Shops and Elfresco Dining, Indoor/Outdoor Landscaped Gardens, Fountains, Sculpture, Pools, Exhibition Hall, 5 Levels A-Grade Office space ranging from 1200m2 to 2000m2 floor plates and a 5 Star Hotel with Sky Deck Restaurant and Viewing Platform.


The design of the Tower is futuristic and evocative in form and material, a play on the "Tron Science Fiction Movie", creating a Narrative that recalls the "Hamil Tron" past references, an organic Bio-morphic form that is inspired by the fluidity of Waikato River. The Tower is Bio-climatic with Sky Landscaped Gardens and Water features that provide natural light, ventilation and evaporative cooling. The established Tree Canopy along the River is encouraged to merge and morph up around the Tower. The Tower appears to rise up out of the Mighty Waikato River like an Eel/Shapeshifter. There is active harvesting of sun, wind, rainwater and the kinetic energy of the River by solar collectors, wind and water turbines. Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) Panels generate solar hot water and electricity aiming for the building to be off the grid and self sufficient. The design celebrates structural expressionism and innovation. The shaded Outdoor Concourse will be accessible 24/7, water fountains, sculpture, seating and paved areas allowing connection of the City to the River, deliberately engaging with the River. Victoria Street and Hood Street are connected to the River by a series of descending platforms terminating with a new River Pier/Wharf that allows River Taxis and larger Passenger Boats for dinners/coffee cruises. This new network of river transport would create connections to Hamilton Gardens and the Narrows Golf Course. Visitors arriving at Hamilton International Airport could have a uniquely Hamilton experience by arriving by river transport like the original settlers of Hamilton. We propose that future traffic congestion on the Bridges could be alleviated by extensive use of River Taxis. The Tron Tower would integrate multi-modes of transport by having a Station at Podium Level with a rapid transit monorail connection to Claudelands Event Centre and Centre Place. Pedestrian/Cycleways as well as Cycle Storage facilities will be provided. We are keen to provoke public debate with this sketch design and welcome suggestions and comments.


This project is at Concept Design Stage.