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St Kilda Waterways Eco House 1

Multi-Award Winning Architect and Urban Designer - Mark Wassung of Design Engine Architects Ltd has designed Eco House 1 with a Neo-Modern aesthetic, timeless lines, expressive materials and form that sits within an Urban Designed Eco-Village Community with Environmental Sustainable Design Principles that aims to define a new way of living in New Zealand. An elegant simplicity gives the Home a distinct quality. The Houses and Subdivision aim to achieve New Zealand Green Building Council 6 Star Ratings. The Eco-Features of the Design are outlined below through sketches, renderings and Eco-checklist:

High Levels of Insulation - Underfloor R-2.6 with 40mm EPS and slab edge insulation. Exterior Walls R-3.6 to 5.6 using Eco-Block, Concrete Block, Brick, Stone, Precast or In-Situ Concrete Panels. Roof R-5.2. Interior Walls and Floor R-1.5 to 1.8. Low E-Glass R0.47. Garage thermally separated. Solar Design - Main Living Areas facing North, a Compact Plan that minimises the External Envelope. Passive Solar Control through Large Eave overhangs to the North, Sun Louvres and Sliding Cedar Screens. Thermal Mass using Natural Stone (Hinuera), in-situ Concrete Blade Walls, Filled Concrete Block, Eco-Block and Concrete Thresholds inside the House. Good Natural Cross Ventilation throughout the House. Heat Recovery Ventilation System. Heating - Fireplace for solid fuel and pellet heaters or flued gas heaters. Hot Water - Solar, Heat Pump, Wetback with at least AAA Rated Cylinder. Low Flow Showerheads. Lighting - Energy Efficient Lights for External and Internal, Compact Fluorescent (CFL), Halogen and LED. Appliances - Minimum 5 Star Rated. Gas or Electric Induction Hobs. Obligatory Rainwater Tank minimum 10th Litre. Greywater Recycling System. Electricity Production - minimum 1kW power generations through Photovoltaics or Wind Turbine. Low VOC Paints. Low Environmental Impact Floor Finishes. Sustainably sourced Timber for framing and joinery such as NZ Plantation grown Pine or recycled timber.

Design Engine Architects Ltd is In the Pursuit of Excellence through providing an integrated service of Urban Design, Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design. Designs are infused with our founding Principles of Comfort, Creativity, Individuality, Timeless Beauty, Durability and Sustainability. We aim to establish a benchmark with this New Vision Eco-Subdivision, providing a leading light for future developments in New Zealand. The aim is to provide high quality service to future St. Kilda Residents through selected Teams of Award Winning Architects, Certified Builders and Master Builders. The Teams will create Homes that are Design Flaired as well as being aligned with the Righthouse Premium Requirements to achieve High Levels of Comfort and Sustainability that enhances Life, Health, Family and Community. St. Kilda Waterways Design Panel will ensure quality and consistency are maintained.