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Hcc Municipal Pools Upgrade


The Municipal Pools upgrade aims to "breathe new life" into the 100 year old facility. The new design is proposed over 3 stages to allow the full scheme to materialise over several years to create a top quality amenity for Hamilton residents, school children, adults, the elderly and reinforce the Council's new District Plan initiative of encouraging city apartment living. The design is a an elegant neo-modernist aesthetic, with an emphasis on a strong defined "Portal" focussing on the River, it is elevated on a strong base of steps giving it a solid podium base with sides that disintegrate through the use of clear glass balustrades allowing one to feel like you are floating up in the canopy of 100 year old trees.

Stage 1 - is the income generator. We propose a new rectangular Commercial Office Building of 250m2 made up of 5 x 50m2 Boutique Offices to create a 1960's New York Tribeca Andy Warhol "Artists Guild", encouraging Artists, Architects, Advertising Agencies, Animators, Graphic Artists, Photographers and Sculptors. The "Trendies" act as a catalyst for other business people to move into the city because it's "Hip". We propose a cost effective building with simple, elegant, modular steel frame, ins-situ polished concrete floors and floor to ceiling glass with balconies opening up to stunning views over the 2no. pools addition on the South side of the Celebrating Age Centre which has.

Stage 2 - is the Cafe, Bar and Restaurant with Commercial Kitchen and Toilets that can be hired out by Council to the public for Functions/Events like Weddings, Birthdays, Functions, Product Launches and Professional Meetings. This would be the first of its kind in Hamilton being able to "View the River" and have a coffee and a meal.

Stage 3 - is the Restoration of the 100 year old Grand Stand, retaining the old timber columns and beams, re-roofing and removing the back of the structure to allow transparency and visual connection to the established trees and park to the South.

Stage 4 - is a an Elevated Treetops Walkway/Bridge in steel and timber taking the most direct route through the adjacent park to the South of the Pools, this would create an activated pedestrian/cyclist route connecting the SW corner of the Pools to Bridge Street. This creates CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design through natural visual surveillance, activity and lighting. We propose a stair that connects the park below with the Elevated Walkway.