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City Gate Convenience Store

The Architect's Design for KIWI FIRST "K1" Convenience Store has clean, sophisticated, neo-modern lines and materials to create a "techno-industrial" aesthetic. This is a Convenience Store with "a point of difference", deliberately upmarket, clean lined, elegant and refined. This is achieved with a strong "Cedar Ceiling Feature" suspended and sinuous in form that intersect in the horizontal plane and then separate to curve and run down the wall, this creates an organic, sweeping element that pulls together Ceiling and Walls. The "Cedar Ceiling Feature" will give the Store a warm "Lantern Glow" day and night with natural and artificial light reflecting warm colour tones off the Cedar. The existing space is very tall at 6m from floor to underside concrete. The ceiling feature breaks down the height to human scale as well as providing a "Visual Interest" feature. The Floor finish will reinforce the warm colour tones of the "Cedar Ceiling Feature" by being in "Ecoply - Timber Veneer Plank" that gives an inviting feeling to the horizontal plane. Red, Sculptural, Industrial light fittings hang through the ceiling grid to provide light to the space and become Industrial Design Objects part of the "techno-industrial" aesthetic. The KIWI FIRST "K1" logo and branding is visually bold, elegant and boutique "Coffee Cafe" like in red, black and white. The Logo is used boldly on the Exterior with Type 2 and Type 3on the Exterior of the Building and again on the Interior. Pay Counter in White Corian or Acrylic, curved and organic shaped, on axis with the front door and in each pavement/street facing corner with illuminated lightbox signage inside the space.