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Tristram Clinic



A new City Clinic with 2 day-stay Theatres and Consulting Rooms for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Vascular Surgeons located within 5 minute walking distance to the Hamilton CBD. The site area is 1494m2 and the proposed building area will be 490m2, consisting of 640m2 Ground Floor and 150m2 Upper Floor.


The Architect's design aims to portray a modern, confident, bold and enduring building form that has visual street appeal and presence to create maximum exposure for the Clinic. The elevations facing Collingwood Street and the carpark are designed to be visually interesting to attract the attention of passing pedestrians and cars. The materials chosen by the Architect, honed/polished concrete block, glass and Alucobond, are modern and timeless to create a sophisticated, elegant aesthetic, reinforcing the Clinic services provided by Plastics Unit which is in the "pursuit of beauty, balance, proportion and perfection".

The clearly defined Entry is immediately legible and accessible to patients. It has some scale and presence with its double volume Entry Foyer in clear glass with a "sweeping staircase", curved and organic in form, visible from the exterior. The Entry Foyer is flanked by walls of honed/polished concrete block with a clear sealer coat, establishing permanence, solidity and a defined entry portal. A cantilevered steel and glass Entry Canopy provides weather protection. The Entry Foyer has a Reception Pod then 2 separate Waiting Areas for Plastics and Veins/Derms. There will be a General Anaesthetic Theatre and Local Anaesthetic Theatre with Recovery Room with natural daylight to enhance healing.There is extensive use of natural light to for the Consulting Rooms, Recovery and Offices orientated to North with privacy adjacent to the quieter Eastern Boundary. The North facing monopitch 20 degree profiled metal roof could be easily retrofitted with solar panels for the generation of solar hot water heating or photovoltaics for electricity production.

The Upper Floor has the Practice Manager's Office in a prominent, commanding position on the South West corner with views over the CBD of Hamilton, Collingwood Street, the carpark and Entry providing good natural surveillance. The Upper Floor wall cladding is an aluminium composite sheet which provides a metallic, sophisticated commercial look. The Upper Floor Meeting Room has a glass wall that looks down into the double volume Entry Foyer which will give it an expansive opulent feeling. The Staff Kitchen for 14 people and Changeroom are included to encourage strong staff morale. The Theatres to the rear of the site are screened and absorbed by the building to essentially disappear. The Clinic logo contains the lotus flower :symbolising spiritual enlightenment and enduring beauty". Its purpose is to accelerate spiritual evolvement and enhance healing. The Architect would like to make reference to this lotus flower and the warm grey and glacial blue colours in the logo in vinyl frosting on glass, flooring, doors and signage, reinforcing the strong and memorable brand. The lotus flower and soft colours were chosen to create a feeling of safety and tranquility in a moment of high stress and anxiety. Soft natural hues will be utilised throughout the interiors of the building. The exterior composite aluminium sheet could be silver or light blue. The honed/polished grey concrete block walls reinforce the brand by creating a sense of durability, permanence and strength to the building. The calming and serene properties of the glacial blue colour from logo could be utilised in the colour of glass and interior paint colours.

The Architect would like to portray through the design and materials a sense of enlightenment, enduring beauty, elegance, simplicity, serenity and permanence.