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Pavilions In The Park

DEVELOPMENT: The innovative Team would like to create a flagship project utilising Shipping Containers for Student Residential Units in Hamilton. There is extensive International precedent for Shipping Container projects, single and multi unit residential as well as mobile commercial display buildings.

SITE: The 9318m2 site is zoned Residential High and the Development Rules fall under Restricted Discretionary. The Developer and Architect met with HCC Hamilton City Council Planning Guidance Unit 18 Jan 2010 to present Container precedent studies and Site Design Options 1 to 4 to date. HCC made favourable comments and preferred Options 4 & 5. Following this meeting, Option 5 has been prepared.

CONCEPT: The Pavilions in the Park concept retains the open grassed areas and mature trees of the Camping Ground. The bulk and location of the Pavilions are scaled to fit the surrounding Residential context. Urban Design elements like CPTED Crime Prevention through Environmental Design and Connectivity are reinforced through green spaces, recreation areas, good pedestrian/cycleway connections and natural surveillance. Good internal connectivity is achieved with covered walkways and staircases. The University, a Bus Stop and a Dairy are within walking distance of the site so there is good external connectivity. We could have maximised the Height Restriction but have chosen to reduce the scale of the development to mostly 3 storeys.

ARCHITECTURE: Architectural Elements of expressed staircases, 12mm toughened glass balustrades, canopy roofs, corten steel blades, solar control louvres and slatted timber screens are added to the Containers. These Architectural Elements don't attempt to cover up the Container but rather compliment the industrial aesthetic with a modern elegant simplicity. Student Lounges, Kitchens, Laundries, Stairs and Walkways are places where students crossover and interaction and communication are encouraged, creating a strong sense of community. Lighting and Safety will be an integral part of the design. 30% of the Containers are deliberately fractured and angled to create offset Pavilions. This accommodates the existing trees and grassed areas creating a Central Park. The driveway and 123 carparking spaces are wrapped around the perimeter creating a safe, private inner sanctuary given over to the Pedestrian and Cyclist. The carparking layout allows for many of the existing trees to be accommodated.

BUILDING MATERIALS: The Pavilions are branded and identified by lazer cutout corten steel blades that appear to be reminiscent of wharf industrial gantrys that could lift and move the Containers. The entry blades will have a cutout shadow effect by day and illuminated lightbox effect by night. Stairs are wrapped in slatted timber screens giving a transparent lantern effect. The 40 foot Shipping Containers are 12m long x 2.4m wide x 2.4m high will be painted white with the 10% of them in a bright, vibrant colour. The Containers will be insulated and designed as mostly 1 Bedroom Studio Units with allowance for 2 Bed, 3 Bed and 4 Bed units.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN ELEMENTS: The Architect would like to integrate BIPVT Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (combining Solar Hot Water, Electricity production through Photovoltaics and Rainwater Harvesting/Storage), Grass Turf Roofs and Greywater flush/recycling. North Orientation is maximised for natural light. The Container design allows for outdoor decks and large sliding doors/windows for natural cross ventilation.