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South African Eco Housing


Following a year of correspondence with the South African Government - Ministry of Human Settlements, Design Engine Architects Ltd was invited to present and display Innovations in Eco Design for Subdivisions, Housing and Products from New Zealand at the first South African Innovations in Housing and Alternative Technology Indaba in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, 29-30 September 2010. Design Engine Architects Ltd had a Display Stand at the Indaba joining 200 exhibitors. This was a unique opportunity to showcase innovative Eco Products from New Zealand and Design Engine Architects - St. Kilda Waterways Eco Village (the biggest Eco Village in New Zealand), which were very well received. My University Master - Professor Rodney Harber - Specialist in Low Cost Housing and pioneer in Black Water Recycling, also joined me at the display stand. Mark Wassung met with Honourable Minister Tokyo Sexwale, Deputy Minister Zou Kota-Fredericks, Mr Thabane Zulu Director General and the Human Settlements Team in Sandton and Pretoria.

Design Engine Architects had also been shortlisted for 1800 Eco Houses Project for Nurses and Police in Capetown for the Khayelitsha Community Trust. While in South Africa, Design Engine was invited to present to the Community Trust in Capetown and following this meeting was successful in being awarded the first 200 Houses due to start construction in January 2011. Design Engine had sent design drawings for 40m2, 60m2 and 80m2 Eco Houses to Imison Group in Pretoria for rationalising panel sizes and design for prefabricated polystyrene walls for sprayed plaster system. While in Pretoria, Mark met with Stephen de Blanche CEO Imison and viewed the factory and polystyrene cutouts. For more information on construction refer to

The Ministry of Human Settlements clearly indicated that: The Door is Open and they were impressed with the Eco design ideas and products from New Zealand. I will continue to communicate with the above mentioned contacts to pursue opportunities in South Africa as they have a 2.2 million low cost housing backlog which is a great opportunity to be part of. I have left the presentation material boards with my Johannesburg Design Engine Architects Ltd Office Manager - Andy McKay and colleague Jeremy Berman - Conurban for tabling with potential contacts in Banking, Construction and Government.

Compiled by:

Mark Wassung Registered Architect - Urban Designer - Eco Futurist Managing Director - Design Engine Architects Ltd