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Twin Kauri River House

THE DEVELOPMENT Lot 2 of DPS 73470 1857 River Road, is a 2272m2 site which is part of the Twin Kauri Residential Subdivision of 5 Lots on the Waikato River. The development aims to be high-end residential with an emphasis on quality to fit into the upmarket Northern River Road residential context. The site is on the river terraces and in close proximity to the Waikato River with stunning views of the water, native bush and river reserve.

SITE Tall, elegant Twin Kauri trees give an identity to the site and provide a vertical counterpoint to the horizontality of the river and terraces. Views of the river to the West and established native bush to the North create a calming and private ambience genius loci spirit of the place. The winding shared driveway from River Road sweeps down through established landscaping to the river terrace below. A level driveway access sets up a forced perspective view that focuses on the corner of the House and double entry doors which are framed by a 2 storey high stone feature wall and 2 storey high curtain wall glass.

CONCEPT: The approach is a snapshot or zoom focus which draws one in, then explodes into multiple framed views of river and bush through large scale glass sliding doors and windows.The layout of the House on the site takes advantage of natural light by orientating long axis towards North. The House is elevated on a battered split-faced concrete block reminiscent of the existing river terraces and site retaining walls in form, scale and texture. The North and West Elevations are mostly glass allowing transparency and openness that extend interior space to merge with exterior space by flush threshold, expansive wrap around decks in a sustainable forest grown Greenheart timber.

ARCHITECTURE: The architecture is contemporary and neo-modern with clean, clear lines and forms, creating an elegant simplicity. The open plan spaces allow flexibility and connectivity. The double volume Entry Foyer with skeletal staircase and jarrah privacy columns are like abstracted tree sculptures within the space. The solid, rustic, battered concrete block base anchors the building to the earth much like a river bank or jetty wall. The architecture allows for passive solar control through large roof eave overhangs to the North.

BUILDING MATERIALS: A layered material expression is created with the stone feature wall at the Main Entry and the Garage wall in-situ concrete (cast on site) off the form rough sawn timber shuttering creating the aesthetic of horizontal banding. The concrete block base anchors the building to the earth. The use of 2 storey high Jarrah timber privacy columns provides warmth and structural expressionism. The expansive sustainable Greenheart timber decks float above the native bush and river views. Anodised aluminium joinery and double glazing are utilised for thermal comfort and durability.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN ELEMENTS: The Architect would like to integrate BIPVT Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (combining Solar Hot Water, Electricity production through Photovoltaics and Rainwater Harvesting/Storage), Grass Turf Roofs and Greywater flush/recycling. North Orientation is maximised for natural light. The design allows for outdoor decks and large sliding doors/windows for maximising natural cross flow ventilation and natural light.

ARCHITECTS: Award Winning Hamilton based Design Engine Architects Ltd, are known for innovation, creativity, enduring quality and excellence. We aim to add value and sophistication to the Twin Kauri Riverhouse development.