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United Sweets Retail Outlets


The "United Sweets" retail shop design is inspired by American Candy. The black & white vertical stripes outer skin that encloses and protects the inner filling of colourful Sweets. The design presents a contemporary, neo-modern aesthetic, timeless and enduring with strong signage and branding. The design presents strong, articulated architectural forms that are visually appealing to draw patrons into the U-shaped Plan. The design has sharp and sophisticated lines with an elegant simplicity.

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Principles are integrated with the use of recycled Joinery elements from a "United Sweets" Shop. The modular, component joinery units lend themselves to this re-use. The display stands are dual purpose, providing storage below and display above. The material used for storage drawers, top and striped blade wall 150mm thick is MDF with 2 pot lacquer paint finish, corners protected by aluminium stickmen. The Sweet display shelves vertical support fins and backing are clear toughened glass to give visual transparency and lightness. The glass surfaces are durable, hard wearing and easy to clean. The component design of the joinery units allows easy replacement of parts if anything is damaged. The "United Sweets" Logo is repeated on the corners of the design to enhance 3D visual branding, reinforcing business identity. An illuminated white perspex/acrylic "United Sweets" sign crowns the black vertical column blade/tower. The blade/tower is powerful, vertical, iconic and memorable in form. The counter top has a durable finish in acrylic. All materials have been chosen for durability and permanence.

The Design has techno visual and tactile points of interest such as the I-Pad point of sale, Pepsi drinks machine and 42 inch LED TV. Concealed LED lighting gives a floating effect. It is visually dynamic and exciting to experience with good sight lines and natural surveillance for 1 shop operator. "United Sweets" wants to leave patrons with a lasting, unique and memorable experience that lures one back again and again like a delectable Sweet.